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Lavender, Amour de Cocagne by Mas du Terme

Symbol of Provence
Springtime says good-bye, summer is on its way. From mid-June the lavender fields, little by little begin to colour and draw a gracious ornament with invigorating scents where they meet their accomplices: Mistral, sun, bees and cicadas.
Similar to rough sea, the lavender fields undulate with the wind and make re-appear the geometry of the arid slopes.
They are declined in pastel blue and purple colour, mauve, violet and change with the time of the day, the light, the sun and of course with maturity in the later season.

Lavender blossoms fully on the terroir of Mas du Terme right in the middle of garrigue, thymes, boxwood, brooms forming an aromatic and colourful countryside unlike anything else. The blue of the sky, the blue of lavender, the green of the vines, the green of olive-trees represent, par excellence, the eternal symbol of Provence, a true invitation to the voyage.

Amour de Cocagne
More than emblematic or symbolic is the name of our essential lavender oil in order to express the very concentrate of scents, perfumes and colours. Letting itself lovingly sway, each flower delivers a small part of its olfactory treasure and naturally offers itself to the bees carrying with them the nectar of life.

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