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The Olive, Pays de Cocagne by Mas du Terme

The olive-tree is a fascinating, thousand-year-old tree which holds a very particular and central place at the wine estate Mas du Terme.
With its trunk carved by age and its fleece of persistent and silver plated leaves, the longevity and the beauty of this legendary tree underline the impression of force and its very touching wisdom. As a natural sculpture, the olive-tree evokes sun, heat, the Mediterranean culture - it is fascinating! With the same symbol of fidelity, we cultivate and collect in pure Provencal tradition the fruit of our olive groves.

The olive-tree offers us generously small fruit from which we extract this marvellous oil. It scents so delicately our Provencal cuisine.
At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter begins the olive harvest. Initially green, the olive whilst maturing develops a purplish, then brown colour. Collected by hand, the ripe olives are crushed and then cold pressed in the mill in order to obtain this pure fruit juice with rich, vitaminized savours and the beneficial properties for health.

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