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Vineyard of Pays de Cocagne by Mas du Terme

Where the Rhone valley, the Ardeche and the Cèze come together, the vineyard of Mas du Terme is located opposite the mountains Mont Ventoux and Mont Bouquet. Like a mosaic, it comprises 40 hectares on a stony calcareous plateau divided into clearings over the 120-hectare estate. Like a orchestra conductor, Thierry Marron du Pays de Cocagne underlines all the efforts of one year’s work in order to extract the quintessence of this terroir based on natural elements.

Balance between the identity of the terroir and style
Between garrigue, low walls, little woods, lavender and olive-trees, the grape varieties Merlot, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache…. (for reds and rosé wines), and Chardonnay (for the white) express themselves magnificently on this terroir of clay and limestone screes with Provencal accents. Deeply anchored in its soil and its time, Mas du Terme is an estate privileging the powerful and traditional methods for harvesting and wine making respecting nature, wine and humans.

The wine maker’s key words
Smoothness, generosity and pleasure wines. Smoothness of tannins, generosity of fruit, pleasure of senses, it is the wine maker’s work and the signature of the terroir. All this contributes to give to the collected grapes a special typicality and a unique character to the resulting wine.

Balanced human relations with all our partners, customers and friends.
Much more than the art de vivre, wine also means the art of sharing essential values between friends and in the family. User-friendliness is what we are aiming for. The Pays de Cocagne is our universe, a place where it is good to remain, to enjoy, to live, and to share. Please find our range of wines Pays de Cocagne by Mas du Terme in the hotel shop or taste it in the restaurant.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

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